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Fed up with hand scrubbing? Look no further than the Homelae BottleBrush™ set. This first-rate 360-degree rotating brush does the hard work for you, blasting away dirt and germs with just the press of a button. It also comes with a nipple brush and straw brush for those oddly shaped bottles and tough to reach places. Enjoy a hassle-free clean in no time and experience the magic of a truly spotless finish.

Homelae BottleBrush™ is the perfect multi-functional tool. It makes it easy to clean baby bottles with the included nipple brush, and the straw brush is perfect for reaching the inside of bottles and cups. Dishes? No problem! This set has all the cleaning power you need. routine.

Tucked away inside its stylish look is a secret: innovative tech that makes cleaning bottles easier than ever. Our brush contains a robust motor that has two different power modes. Together, they make sure all parts of your little one's bottles are totally germ-free. Our brush provides the ultimate clean with its silicone bristles that are 25x more hygienic than regular bristles. Forget about bacteria hiding in those tricky spots.

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