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SwearBear Shot Glasses (Set Of 6)

SwearBear Shot Glasses (Set Of 6)

Enhance Your Drinking Experience With Sassy Style!

Take your next gathering to the next level with these cheeky, playful Homelae™ SwearBear Shot Glasses - the perfect way to enjoy your favorite spirits with plenty of humor and style.


Allow 1-2 days for your order to be packaged. Then, your parcel will be dispatched with a tracking number and arrive internationally in 6-12 business days. Should you need any assistance tracking your item, simply drop us a line at


The 'Swear Bears' shot glass collection provides humorous and satirical purposes. A passing resemblance to the Care Bears brand is mere coincidence - 'Swear Bears' holds no affiliation or endorsement from Care Bears. These cuss-laden Care Bear-like characters serve comedic and parodic purposes; no infringement of intellectual property is suggested. Intended for adults, this product should be used responsibly.

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