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Homelae™ Handmade Tom-Cat Rug

Homelae™ Handmade Tom-Cat Rug

The Homelae™ Handmade Tom-Cat Rug is designed for little ones and adults all alike! It's a perfect addition to any home, adding a touch of humor and laughter. Ideal for cat lovers, this carpet is a great gift idea. Its moderate thickness prevents doors from getting stuck and it's strong, durable, and comfortable for both children and pets.


The pointed plastic bottom and non-slip design ensure it won't damage your floor. We use non-slip rubber to secure the carpet in place on a clean surface, making it an excellent choice for any room, including bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, dining rooms, balconies, classrooms, and dormitories. Made with polyester fiber, it's also washable and wear-resistant. Please note, due to transportation, the mat may arrive folded, but any creases will disappear within 3-5 hours. We welcome you to purchase at any time and if you have any questions, our friendly customer service team will answer promptly!

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