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Homelae™ SlideSlicer

Homelae™ SlideSlicer

🎁 Slide For Perfectly Straight Cuts!

Tired of uneven and jagged wrapping paper cuts? The Homelae SlideSlicer™ will fix that! Get a perfect cut each time, plus it doubles as an organizer so your paper won't get tangled and unkempt.

  • SILKY-SMOOTH CUTS EVERY TIME - This cutter has a razor built into it that easily cuts any type of wrapping paper. Just place it around any tube of wrapping paper and slide it down to cut.
  • FLEXIBLE HINGE - Perfectly holds wrapping paper in place for easy preparation and organization. Can be used on any size roll of paper.
  • SAVES YOU TIME - No more measuring, folding, and double-guessing! Wrap presents in half the time and effort. Just measure how much paper you need, use the sliding paper cutter to cut the paper, and start wrapping!


  1. Place the slicer over the wrapping paper.
  2. Slide a sheet of paper through the opening of the device.
  3. Slide the Wrapping Paper Cutter along the roll until it reaches the desired length.
  4. Now gently push Wrapping Paper Cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper.

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