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Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper

Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper

This lil doggie bottom plug for your toothpaste is so stinkin' adorable! It's the perfect gag gift for any pup-owner or a great way to make brushing teeth enjoyable for kiddos.

If you're looking for a creative and funny way to get your kid or buddy to brush their teeth more often, then check out this humorous and slightly gross Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper! Guaranteed to get a laugh and some brushing!


Your pup's wiggly rear will provide endless joy, and make a hilarious Christmas gift!

This convenient toothpaste cap is made of top quality, odorless silicone—flexible with no easy deformation. It'll fit standard tubes and travel-sized tubes too!

Package Includes:
  • Pooping Dog Butt Toothpaste Topper×1
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