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Homelae™ Mind-Maze Puzzle Track (25pcs)

Homelae™ Mind-Maze Puzzle Track (25pcs)

An Enjoyable Way to Improve Cognitive Function

The Homelae™ Mind-Maze Puzzle Track (25pcs) has been carefully crafted to stimulate the underdeveloped areas of a child's brain. By building their own tracks and solving problems on their own, children can improve their physical, cognitive, and creative abilities by 52% compared to other toys.


Eliminate Boredom... Without Using Harmful Screens

Are you searching for a way to keep your children entertained without relying on unhealthy screens? Look no further than our Mind Maze - the perfect solution for fostering imaginative play, promoting positive growth, and limiting screentime.


Occupy for hours with unlimited possibilities

We understand the difficulties of being a parent and we have the perfect solution! Instead of relying on videos and smartphone games with harmful blue lights to entertain your children, try our Mind Maze Puzzle Track (25pcs). With hundreds of building options, your kids can have hours of fun designing and testing tracks.


Choose from a selection of dinosaur, ocean, land, and space themes for your child to explore. This puzzle track set includes a variety of tracks, loops, and ramps for endless racing adventure possibilities. Spend quality family time playing with your child and building a stronger parent-child bond.

Safety First

The puzzle board games are crafted from premium ABS materials and feature smooth, polished edges and corners that are safe for children to play with. The miniature car moves along the track effortlessly, providing a fun and engaging alternative to electronic devices for your little ones.


1 x DIY Puzzle Track for Kids - 25 Pcs

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