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Homelae™ Magnetic Chess Set

Homelae™ Magnetic Chess Set

Bring Your Games to the Next Level!

Bringing together the classic game of strategy with convenience, portability, and a modern look, Homelae™ Magnetic Chess is the perfect choice for the modern chess enthusiast. This revolutionary chess board combines a sleek aesthetic with maximum functionality.

Magnetically-Accurate Play

Our Magnetic Chess Set Board Game™ comes with a secure, quality magnetic surface that'll keep pieces securely in place, even with bumps and jostles. Don't fret over pieces moving during intense games – each move stays precisely where it should.

Small and Lightweight

Forget about clunky chess sets that take up a lot of room. OurMagnetic Chess Set Board Game™ is small and easy to transport, perfect for wherever you're going. Pack up your chess pieces and take them along for the journey, whether you're traveling, commuting, or just visiting a friend.

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