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Homelae™ Multifunctional Glue

Homelae™ Multifunctional Glue


Superior Bonding Power
Revive your treasured items with Homelae™ Multifunctional Glue. This highly potent adhesive instantly bonds broken parts, providing a durable solution for cracks, damages, and loose ends. The glue is designed to not only repair but also retain your item's original look, making them as good as new.

Impressive Features
The Homelae™ Multifunctional Glue boasts an array of impressive features. The oily glue formulation provides a quick-drying solution, effectively repairing products within 30 seconds. This waterproof and shockproof adhesive ensures the bond remains robust, even under tension, or after multiple washes. Unlike conventional cement glues, this formula offers a soft yet strong bond, preventing brittleness over time.

Broad Applicability and Safe Usage
With a broad spectrum of applicability, the Homelae™ Multifunctional Glue works seamlessly on various materials including rubber, plastic, porcelain, glass, metal, wood, and leather. The glue is also safe to spread with fingers, ensuring pain-free application. Each package includes a 50g tube of clear oily glue and a dropper for precise application.
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