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Homelae™ Mold Removal Spray

Homelae™ Mold Removal Spray

Remove And Prevent Mold On Your Walls!

Eliminate wall mold easily and efficiently with the Homelae™ Mold Removal Spray . Our formula is quick, effective, and guarantees a safe and sanitary living space. Say goodbye to wall mold with ease using Wall Mold Remover Spray - the ideal solution for all your mold removal needs!


Effortlessly eliminate mold and restore the original color of your wall in just 10 to 30 minutes with our mold remover spray. This quick and effective solution eliminates the hassle of scrubbing and saves you valuable time.

Rest assured, our mold removal spray is both safe for your walls and effective in removing mold without causing any damage.

Customize your cleaning experience with the two spray methods provided by Homelae™ Mold Removal Spray - SPRAY for flat areas and STREAM for spot areas. This allows for efficient and customizable removal of mold on any surface.

Homelae™ Mold Removal Spray is specifically designed for white walls and floors, but should not be used on non-white surfaces like clothing, fabric, wallpaper, or furniture as it may cause discoloration.

Follow these steps to effectively use our Mold Removal Spray and prevent mold regrowth:

1. Before use, put on a face mask and give the bottle a good shake to ensure even distribution.

2. Aim the nozzle at the moldy area and spray evenly from a distance of 20-30 cm from the wall.

3. Allow the spray to settle for 30 minutes and watch as the mold disappears, leaving your wall surface intact. 

(Store in a cool, dark place. This product is specifically designed for use on white walls and floors. Avoid using it on non-white surfaces such as clothing, textiles, wallpaper, and furniture to prevent discoloration.)

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