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Homelae™ Flexible Denture Cover

Homelae™ Flexible Denture Cover

Revitalize Your Smile: An All-Inclusive Answer to Dental Problems - From Lost Teeth to Misaligned Smiles!

Our innovative sixth generation of snap-on dentures offers a whole new level of customization, unlike any previous denture. We've carefully crafted these dentures to specifically cater to different age groups and genders, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit for all.

The Homelae™ Flexible Denture Cover is specifically designed to achieve a natural appearance, including the color, so you can wear it with confidence and without any embarrassment.

Easily Adjustable:  Experience the perfect fit with our snap-on denture cover, designed to customize to your tooth size.

Durable Materials: Made from a durable resin, this product guarantees long-lasting wear and stability, effectively protecting against dirt and discoloration.

Brand New Smile: Instantly cover imperfections and improve the look of gaps between teeth, giving you a confidence boost with ease.

Boost Confidence:  Feel confident and secure in any situation with Homelae™ Flexible Denture Cover. It's designed for a comfortable fit, promoting charisma and boosting your overall confidence.

Portable Hygiene: Easily keep your denture cover clean on-the-go with the included storage box. Simply use water and soap for quick and convenient cleaning.
How To Use:
1. Heat & Mold
Simply submerge your teeth in almost boiling water for 1 minute to soften the denture cover for easy removal and fitting.
2. Mirror Placement:
Gently place the denture cover over your existing teeth using a mirror, and press it against your teeth while patting the impression material with your thumbs.
3. Quick Set:
After 30 seconds, carefully remove the cover. To cool, place it in a glass of cold water.
4. Visual Confirmation:
Impression material turns white when hardened.
5. Ready-to-Use:
 Customized to fit your teeth perfectly. Allows for a comfortable fit whenever you need it.
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