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Homelae™ Tri-Color Concealer

Homelae™ Tri-Color Concealer

Dark circles, acne, and scars can be concealed with ease using the Homelae™ Tri-Color Concealer. With three shades that can be blended to fit your skin tone, you’ll find the perfect match. Add a hit of hydration by gently tapping with your fingertips.

Have a flawless look in no time, with just one palette! Our Tri-Color Concealer is lightweight, breathable and easy to blend. It effectively hides pores to give you smooth, long-lasting makeup.

Infused with essence, lasting moisture
It's packed with 17 amino acids to keep skin healthy, even out tone, and hide pesky blemishes.
Safe ingredients without added
Gentle on skin, no artificial flavors, free of 20 hazardous ingredients.
Made for everyone
Our 3-in-1 Tri-Color Concealer is designed to accommodate any skin type, tone, or age!
How to use:
1. Cover dark circles
Use a small amount to brighten the skin and spread it on the dark circles several times.
2. Cover acne marks, spots
Use healthy colors first, and then use natural colors to cover skin that is similar to the nearby skin tone.
3. Cover up dull skin tone
Cover with natural color in small amount and many times.
Bright color for brightening, healthy color for shadow.

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