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A Simple Addition for Your Skincare Routine

Are you still washing your makeup brushes by hand, worried about your makeup brush set being damaged or rubbed by mismatched tools? 
The BrushCleanser™ is here. It deeply cleans your makeup brushes effortlessly, protecting your precious brushes from damage.


Clean Brushes, Healthy Skin!

Did you know that dirty makeup brushes can lead to acne, rashes and other skin problems. Say goodbye to skin problems with BrushCleanser™ once a week deep cleaning all brushes in minutes!



Suits All Sizes & Types of Brushes

BrushCleanser™ supports multiple small-size brushes and can clean together. For better deep cleaning your big brushes, we recommend to wash one at a time. For big brushes, clean them at least for 1 minute. For small brushes, only 30 seconds and done! 
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