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Homelae™ Backseat Extender for Dogs

Homelae™ Backseat Extender for Dogs

Universal Fit!

Introducing the Homelae™ Backseat Extender - the perfect blend of luxury and practicality for your beloved canine co-pilot! Created with care and loaded with features, our backseat extender transforms a simple car ride into a comfortable haven for your furry friend. 

Water-Proof and Scratch-Proof!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Backseat Extender is made from 100% waterproof and accident-proof material. A single wipe is all it takes to clean up any mess, so your dog's comfort and your car's cleanliness remain our top priorities. For even more convenience, the panels are removable, allowing for easy machine washing of the cover. Keeping everything fresh and clean has never been easier!

Our Door covers provide an extra feature! Keep your car clean while your pup has a blast. Strong wood panels cover the footwell, making a spacious sanctuary for your furry copilot.

The comfort doesn't stop there! With additional cushioning, every ride becomes a stress-free, plush experience. Say goodbye to fidgeting or squirming - your puppy will be in complete bliss from beginning to end.

In addition, there are two storage pockets with Velcro lids to safely stash your dog's goodies and prevent paws from prying. You can store snacks, toys, and more without worrying about them falling out.

Don't wait any longer! Give your furry travel buddy the best experience possible with the Backseat Extender. You'll both feel safe, comfortable, and stylish on your next adventure. Get yours today and start making unforgettable memories with your pup in pure luxury.

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